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Recently a body positive movement began to surge to the forefront of social media. While fat shaming, eat disorder ridicule and overall jerks commenting on someones looks can still be found trolling under every single post anyone as ever made on the internet, finally people are starting to stand up and fight the bullshit!
One of the women that is heading this body positive front is Tess Holliday (formally Munster); plus size model, body positive fighter and creator of the now famous hashtag #effyourbeautystandards.
This hashtag as spread like wild fire across the social media boards bringing together women of all shapes and sizes and giving them a place to share pictures of themselves. From stalking the Instagram daily it is apparent that while the trolls still try to bring the girls down with hate, most of the time they are deleted and blocked before any outright internet show downs can take place amongst the comments under the pictures.
Keep fighting the good fight Tess and I hope anyone who reads this follows her pages! Its very inspiring to finally see women loving and appreciating their bodies. Lets keep the movement going strong.
Instagram: effyourbeautystandards
Twitter: Tess_Holliday or hashtag #effyourbeautystandards
@sophiamor I totally get what you're saying!! Positive vibes don't always equate to positive lifestyles. In this case Tess has spoken about her work outs and she has a personal trainer a few times a week which makes her even more awesome!! Ill be writing more articles about her so stay tuned, I think you'll like what you see!
I look up to Tess Holliday. She is an amazing woman!!! I myself am a fluffy girl but I am proud of it!!!!
I am always a little torn with subjects like this. I love that she's confident and promoting the fact that beauty standards are totally wack, but at the same time I want her to promote trying to get to a healthy point in her life. Sure, maybe her size has a lot to do with genetics and things out of her control but I'd love her to talk about how to be a big but healthy girl (again, I don't really know anything about her so maybe she does!)
Go Tess! and go women of all shapes and sizes!
She saw a video of her on popsugar and she's definitely a character.
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