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The “Sausage” freestyle trend has been sweeping over social media platforms for the past six months. The #SausageMovement was started in Miami a couple months ago by a student named Matthew Bellamy. The video of his freestyle was uploaded onto Youtube and has over a million views.
Since then, we have seen many remixes of the jam spawn from kids across the globe. Lil Mama caught wind of the song and decided to create her own version freestyle, with a high budget video to boot.
Often we see mainstream artists who are inspired by music in the underground scene and decide to make their own remix of the track. Years ago we saw Kanye West remake “I Don’t Like” by Chief Keef. Kanye paid homage to Keef by keeping his verse in tow on the song while shouting him out on his verse as well. This catapulted Keef into a legitimate mainstream star.
The same cannot be said as of yet for Lil Mama in the case of Matthew Bellamy. Bellamy claims after hearing the audio that he reached out to do the video with Lil Mama, but she flaked on him. Let’s hope that the song continues to gain steam and Lil Mama throws him a cameo in the remix video.
@sjeanyoon & @beywatch I agree with both of you. I thought he should have at least gotten a cameo in the visual. It wouldve been cool of her to re-make the original video segment clean with him in a classroom doing the sausage freestyle... I think that wouldve been fire.
This is so crazy! I've read so many articles about this song, but had no idea about its origins. I agree with @Sjeanyoon. He should be getting more credit!
He deserves some more credit, I hope he gets a cameo like you said or at least a reference haha