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Potatoes and yuca are both starchy foods -- both are amazing, but they have their differences. They are versatile. For example, sweet potatoes can be used to make sweet potato pie, and yuca is basically everything. But, for fairness, I will compare the two -- in mouthwatering photos.



I am so torn between yuca and potatoes!
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I love yuca fries! Especially with banana ketchup. (I think it's just called 'banana sauce' if you go anywhere that sells Filipino products, but it's the best!)
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I've never heard of banana sauce! I definitely need to try it.
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I just discovered the deliciousness that is Yuca fries recently, and i am in love. it is so yummy and the texture of the Yuca fries are almost velveteen when you bite into it. it's really so delicious and filling!!!
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Geez I must be in the secluded world! I need to find some these things at the store to try! Thanks!
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