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Will iKON ever debut? I don't know. After Big Bang's delayed comeback, who's to trust YG anymore.
B.I and Bobby are all over the place with MV appearances. Recently, they were featured in yet another project, YG's new clothing line, Nonagon. But what about the other 5 members? It's a hip-hop clothing line and iKON's a hip-hop group. Why not feature all members?
It was hard enough to anxiously watch Who Is Next and decide which team to root for. As if that didn't end badly for Team B, they were immediately faced with the nightmare that was Mix & Match. They may have confirmed the original three but there was no telling if Yunheyong, Donghyuk, or Junhoe would remain on the team. Then they made us root for the newbies, Chanwoo, Jinhyung, and Hongseok. This ended sadly as well, with Jinhyung and Hongseok getting eliminated.
It's ridiculous that the group still hasn't debuted 2 years after being introduced. iKON is rumored to debut this summer, right before Winner's comeback. But I just wait and hope there's no Mix & Match 2.
I was too distracted by IKON to realize what was going on... :'(
IS THAT WHAT NONAGON IS? I've been so confused this entire time lol.
I can see myself striding into the Nonagon store, black credit card in hand ready to purchase one or two if everything... And then I stop daydreaming, and remember where I am XD I seriously need me some Nonagon clothing ^^
I'm so excited for their debut! I watched Mix N Match obsessively. Jinhwan was my favorite because he had perpetual stink-eye every time the camera panned to him.
lmao @danidee you're the coolest kid I know. I adore you (๑^ں^๑)
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