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Hot off the heels of the cancellation of her 'Great Escape Tour', it seems that everyone's favorite white Australian female rapper (well, the one that's not Chelsea Jane) had some good news to share with her 7.3 million Instagram followers this week:
Iggy Azalea and boyfriend/LA Lakers' Nick Young are officially engaged.
And naturally (like most of those Facebook friends you felt obligated to follow because you had the same 10th grade Physics class), they made sure to take to social media to flaunt every single second of the big moment.
It seems it didn't take Iggy all too long to answer the big question, which was thrown her way at Nick's 30th birthday party. But then again, who can say no when you're offered a diamond as big and yellow as Tweety Bird's head?
According to celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben, the ring was custom designed by Nick in collaboration with Jason of Beverly Hills and features an 8.51 carat yellow diamond surrounded by smaller white diamonds totaling an additional 2.28, all set in white gold.

White gold, Nick? You're telling us you're going to spring for over 10 CARATS OF BLING and not upgrade to PLATINUM?
Anyway, congratulations to the newly engaged couple! May the children be beautiful, the marriage be long, and the wedding vows backed up by Iggy's hypeman. (Just because that'd be cool IMHO.)
Hahaha @marshalledgar I knew you would appreciate that detail. It struck me a little odd and I'm not even that knowledgeable about jewelry.
white gold on a ring like this is so crass. it'd like a bumper sticker on a Bentley.
Good for Iggy! These past two years have been so insane for her.