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Alright I lied, they aren't a gang. They're a group of really awesome senior citizens in Portugal that do some pretty amazing artwork.
LATA 65 is an urban art workshop for seniors that works to banish ageist attitudes and stereotypes through the art of graffiti. They tag their neighborhoods and always add a special graffiti-grandma stencil. I only hope I'm this cool when I'm old and grey!
The main goal of all of this is to eliminate the discrimination of elderly people, to bridge the gap between the old and young, and to prove that age is only a number. What I really think they're proving though, is that Portuguese old folks are way more bad ass than I am...
This is a #lifegoal right here. It kind of reminds me of how I decided I want my first tattoo when I'm 65.
This reminds me of something my grandma would have loved to do! She was so bored with traditional senior art classes haha
These seniors know how to have fun!