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Forgive and forget....easier said than done.
By: Tess Stevens
Listen While You Read: Albion by Babyshambles
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When we look back on the people who’ve wronged us we often do so with malice. We try to hide our true feelings when we’re around them. We talk shit behind their backs. We try to cope with the stings of the past by poking and prodding at the future. We justify our actions by telling ourselves that we’re doing what’s right. The ego is a funny thing. To truly forgive someone a few things need to happen. 1. You must come to terms with what they did to you, no matter how large or small. 2. You have to accept your actions, as a result of what they did. Your retaliation, your silence, whatever. 3. You have to be able to learn from the event. Anything short of that is just a farce. Most of the time we pretend to forgive. We keep up appearances, we move on in small ways. We facebook stalk our exes. We subtweet our enemies. We get angry when no-one’s watching. We don’t confront our misgivings, so we never come to terms with them. This kind of behavior brings negativity into our lives. While whoever wronged us is out living their life, we’re living under a rock. We have nothing but our anger. Nobody should live like that. I’ve spent months thinking about decisions from the beginning of college. Sure the events involve other people, but I haven’t forgiven them because I haven’t forgiven myself. We often walk around criticizing ourselves for not being productive enough, not being fit enough, not following our passions. Every once in a while these destructive thoughts enter my brain, they’re unstoppable. They keep me up at night. If I hadn’t broken up with my first boyfriend would I have ended up happier? Can I forgive myself for taking a break from music? Have I gone too far off the deep end to ever come back? Will I ever fall in love? Will I ever live my dreams? I’m sure you have these thoughts, if not daily, then frequently. We want to be whole and perfect, but sometimes that’s not possible. Then we start to cope. We place the blame on others, but we’re really blaming ourselves. We second guess ourselves. We berate ourselves. We’re meaner to ourselves than any of our enemies could ever be. If I hadn’t made those decisions, I’d be in a different state of mind sure….but would I be a better person? Would I be able to forgive those around me if I could forgive myself? The most important relationship you can have is the one you have with yourself. We can spend all of our energy on others, but first we must work on ourselves. To forgive yourself you have to accept what you’ve done and regret as little as possible. Realizing how hard you are on yourself is the first step to leading a better life, one that involves forgiveness.
This is such a great and important thing people need to be doing more often. Holding onto things like this is seriously toxic.
I love that you added a "listen while you read"!!!
@sophiamor thank you. Did you like the song?