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Here's another person to add to your hair envy list (she's on mine). If you happen to follow Cara McLeay on Insta, you know she's the queen of summer braids. From twisted braids to braided pony she nailed all the looks with her signature white frock. Check out these hairstyles and master the art of braiding this summer!

Multi Braided Crown

The trick here is creating multiple braids to form a crown. Start by braiding one side and take that braid to the other end and secure it with bobby pins. After securing it with bobby pin repeat on this side until you create a three layer braided crown.

Braided Twist

This hairstyles uses the technique as the multi-braided crown but replacing the three layer braid with two layer.
Top: The trick is pulling apart the braid to create a chunky braid style.
Bottom: Pull hair back into a ponytail and twist it inward once. Finish off with a normal 3-strand braid.

Triple Braided Pony

(swipe to the right for instructional images)
1. Start by grabbing a large section of hair from one side do a simple 3-strand braid. Then secure it with elastics. Gently pull out the braid to create more volume.
2. Repeat step one with two smaller braids.
3. Combine everything in a ponytail and secure it.
4. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around to hide the elastic.

Romantic Half-Updo

This hairstyles features a crown of loose braids from the front to the back, forming a messy, rose-like bun. It should take no longer than 15 minutes to put the hair together (including curling a few strands).

The Twisted Braid

1. Grab two section from the crown and twist it to the back (creating a crown) and secure it with an elastic.
2. Take the ponytail you just created and flip it in once and pull it downward.
3. Then separate it into two sections. Begin twisting the two sections together (take hair from underneath on the left side and pull it to the front. Repeat it on the ride side until you reached the ends.
4. Secure it with an elastic and gently pull the braid apart for an undone look.
Image Credit: Cara McLeay
Which one is your favorite braided style?
Love multi braided crown!!! 馃挄
the triple braided pony is gorgeous and looks extremely difficult but i'll give it a shot!
All of these will look gorgeous on bridesmaids.
This is going on my summer goal list.
My hair is just a little pass the shoulders, so I'm hoping the first hairstyle would work for me.
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