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Okay, okay, I know. Two cards about Mad Max in two days. I really just love this movie. Since I can't get/find a clip of the scene I'm going to be talking about, this'll be an image-heavy post.
Which explains the title change. Maybe I should change the title every time just to keep you guys on your toes.
As always, spoilers! (Sort of, it's kind of hard to spoil this movie. Just go watch it!)
About halfway through the film, Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and Mad Max (Tom Hardy) get their War-Rig stuck in the mud and are being followed by the antagonists of the film. The specifics of the narrative aren't really important here.
At one point during the night, Mad Max tries to snipe one of the pursuing bad guys. I say tries because he misses twice after being told they only have three bullets left. At this point Furiosa walks up to Max and -- if my memory serves me right (feel free to correct me by the way) -- they share a quick glance before Max hands her the rifle.
She then rests the rifle on Max's shoulder and tells him not to breathe. She takes the shot and hits.
This short scene in the film emphasizes the feminist themes that run throughout the narrative.
We see the female lead take control from the male lead without question. At no point does Max question her ability because of her gender. His willingness to hand her the rifle also puts emphasis on the mutual respect they gain for one another throughout the course of the film. And for a "summer blockbuster"/Hollywood movie, that's something new.
There are plenty of moments like this that occur throughout Mad Max but I wanted to single this one out... Mostly because it's one of the best interactions between two characters I've ever seen on the screen.
If you've seen the movie, are there any moments that stick out in your head that are undeniably "new" for what usually appears in a Hollywood flick? Feel free to let me know in the comment section below!
Haha, I loved that moment when Max forfeits the last shot to Furiosa. It represents all of the HEAVY heavy feminist undertones of the film. The look is like, "Yeah, you're definitely better at this than me...."
All your girl friends are right @beywatch Furiosa is definitely my new role model
I haven't seen it yet, but it's nice to see a movie of this genre that is so equally appreciated by both men AND women. I was surprised to see how many of my girl friends were like "YEAH! MAD MAX RULED!" and I feel like the way they handled the female lead probably adds to it greatly.
@jeff4122 TOTALLY. FULL SUCCESS. Hahaha, I kind of want to buy it on blu-ray or DVD whenever that happens and I seriously can't remember the last time I wanted to physically own a movie.
What I noticed (and loved) was the respectful gaze of the camera. For a movie with a plot about sexual exploitation, there was nothing on screen that reflected that story. The shots featuring the female characters were constructed the same way as shots featuring the male characters.
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