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Ok...weightloss. Everyone thinks about it whether it be to make yourself look better for yourself or to tone certain areas to become stronger. Some people focus on certain areas like me. (that would be my butt) and you try and try different ways to help you reach your goal and most succeed. For me? I've tried (what I know of) all the different ways to loose weight in the butt area. I've done lunges, leg kicks, cardio, ect. Anyone else have any ideas on other things, and not limeted to, excersises? I'm part of the lazy kind of group and motivation to continue with excersises isn't great so, anything you guys might know would be much appreciated!
Sometimes working out just one area can actually make the area bigger! I always make sure to focus on full body toning and like @sjeanyoon mentioned - a good diet!
For me it is all about what I eat. No matter how much I work out and build muscle, there is still a layer of fat i need to get rid of. Eating clean foods like raw fruits and veggies and plenty of protein helps me a lot when it comes to reshaping my body.
Good luck to you! I'm struggling with trying to get my body back on track so let me know what works for you!
Thank you @sophiamor !!!! Good luck to you too!!! I will definitely try and let you know! :)
@Sjeanyoon thanks! I'm trying my best in eating the proper foods and the proper amounts as well. I've added way less sugar foods like ice cream and pie. Then replaced then with an apple or a mandarin orange. I didn't know that @nokcha I honestly thought working on that one area it would get smaller. Definitely will try for full body workouts more. I do have a job and I do a lot of lifting of heavy box's, do a lot of walking, and stand for hours. Way more active now with this job so I hope that'll help as well.