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When the temperature is heating up you want to keep things simple. Humidity can ruin even the most flawless makeup, so this is not the time to layer on tons of product to get the airbrushed look. Instead, keep it casual with a lightweight "make-free" look. Follow these rules to keep your beauty routine minimal.

1. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

One less layer to slather on your face is better. Tinted moisturizer is a three-in-one goodie that tackles three concerns: moisturize, coverage, and protect.
Some of my favorites:

2. Multi-Use Color Makeup

When I say simplify, I really mean it. Instead of finding three different shades for your eyes, cheeks and lips use one color to complete your entire look. This idea actually stem from Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color Makeup ($5.99). You don't need the exact product to do this. A cream-base lip balm or blusher also works!

3. Waterproof Mascara

Skip the jet black eyeliner and cat-eye. Chances are they will get smeared by humidity and water (if you're planning to swim). If you want to enhance your eyes use a waterproof mascara that curls the lashes.
Tinted moisturizer is the only way I get my SPF I can't do sunscreen.
Changing your hairdo is another option!
that multiuse product is really interesting especially since you can use it on your lips AND your eyes