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Bottom Line: It's Crazy Expensive!!
After seeing that San Francisco's median rent has just reached an insane high at $4,225, I decided to look into the median rent in major US cities to see just how (un)affordable they are to live in. Is it only SF that is facing this kind of simultaneous housing boom and crisis? Let's take a look...
(note, the data below is from Q3, 2014, so that's why San Fran's $$ is lower. You can see the methodology they used to gather the data here.)

These are the average wages you probably need to make to rent a 2-bedroom in every US state, and this obviously depends on if you're in a city or not.

@maymay75 I feel like that's a good compromise--it feels like many of the more expensive places, but at a much better price. @onlydreaming @drwhat You'll save a lot there, on rent, anyways.
my state is one of the more expensive ones.. so sad.
I might consider moving to North Carolina.
arkansas here i come!!
That last map makes me think I should probably move to central USA....