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Lee Kwang Soo as Goo Jun Pyo?!
Hahaha, his new haircut is just...like him. It was just like Song Ji Hyo as the sweet, big sister to tell him he looked fine. :)
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without kwang soo, running man will not be the same!
5 years ago·Reply
@torn745 Very true, where would we be without our Giraffe. Although, I really do miss his Sabotage personality, where he always spread rumors about the other members. Those were always funny.
5 years ago·Reply
he's getting better and better at all the games now, dont you guys think?? :))
5 years ago·Reply
gwangsoo is so funny!!!!
5 years ago·Reply
@torn745 Oh yeah. I still believe that he's a lot stronger than he lets on. It's nice to see how he's evolved since the beginning of the show. @toonie So true, major reason why I love him. :)
5 years ago·Reply