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-Russian Photographer, Andrew Osokin It makes me want to go out and also examine snowflakes, though amazingly enough, it hasn't snowed here yet. [via This is Colossal via Curious Brain]
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ok, brave girl!
5 years ago·Reply
@bix2anca @cheerfulcallie Awww, you two are awesome sauce! O(≧▽≦)O I've nothing against him and think he's a fine actor, but I'd rather look at pictures of nature, art, other things.
5 years ago·Reply
yes, but, you see a snowflake could be snowed on LMH,, but LMH can not be "snowed" on a snowflake...:)
5 years ago·Reply
so, there is something that LMH is not capable of ...:D:D
5 years ago·Reply
@bix2anca AHAHAHA! Too true and very funny. (' v ')/
5 years ago·Reply