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Easy, No Fuss Vacation Outfits
If you travel often, you know that packing light will make your life easier, especially if you plan to lodge at different places. It's no fun carrying a heavy luggage around. To avoid the mistake of overloading your bag with clothes you should plan accordingly.
1. Research the weather. 2. Have three easy one-piece outfits and four separates outfits (1 shirt, 1 cotton tee, two bottoms) to alternate. 3. Carry a cardigan for unexpected weather changes. 4. Two shoes that goes with all your outfits.
Need some inspirations? Below are four outfits under $50.

Outfit #1: Oversized Shirt + Comfy Cutoffs

Here's one way to look cool when the weather is steaming out there. A loose fitted shirt, relaxed cutoff shorts and a trendy accessory.
Tip: You can turn any other mom's jeans to a cute pair of cut-outs for FREE! You can also switch out the bottom with a maxi skirt for a more feminine look.

Outfit #2: Midi Dress

Here's a combo you won't get tired of - cute braids and a pretty midi dress.
Tip: Don't be afraid to try out different patterns and cuts. For the evening, layer on on a cardigan or a solid-colored kimono.

Outfit #3: Floral Dress

A flirty floral dress and floppy hat may just be the perfect formula for a day out in the city.
Tip: Pair it with strappy sandals for an effortless look.

Outfit #4: Jumpsuit

Because a printed jumpsuit is always stylish.
Tip: You can elongate your legs with this silhouette. Tall ladies should go with longer length jumpsuits and petite ladies should go with short-length jumpsuits.
I'm a big fan of dresses because they are easy to pack and are easy to change from a day look to a more fancy night look!
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Midi dresses are great. Maxi dresses are usually too long for me unless I wear a 3-inch wedge.
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For me, I go for anything that doesnt wrinkle!
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