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Keeping up with beauty is expensive. On top of that you have bills (utility, transportation, credit card) to take care of. Some of you don't have to deal with these financial concerns yet because you're still living with your parents. But it's not a bad idea to start getting into the habit of saving.
Let's start from water.
California is currently in a drought. All our skincare and makeup routine require the use of water. So, let's keep the water consumption down while you can.

How to go easy on h20?

1. Shampoo Less: Washing your daily actually leads to more oil production. For second day or third day hair use dry shampoo to end your hair miseries.
2. Oil Your Face: Over rinsing your face can dehydrate your skin. In reality, you should spend about 1 minute washing your face. If you're having a hard time washing all your makeup off use an oil-based cleanser that allows you to wipe it off or rinse with a splash of water.
3. Set Aside Time to Shave: Don't let the water run while shaving your legs. I know you want to keep your legs clean but you can wait until you're done with the whole leg before washing it.
5. Multitask: If you have a habit of waiting for the shower water to warm up before hopping in, keep a bucket to catch the cold water. Then use it to wash dishes, water your plants or
other chores.