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There's nothing worse than being unable to do anything to help your boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend who has come down with that cough or cold that just won't go away.
So why not make them a sick kit? I saw a really cute idea from The Dating Divas to make a "Spouse Sick Kit" and have it ready for the next time your hubby is ill, but I figured, why not do it for boyfriends or friends, too? You can totally prepare these in advance, or, make them when you hear someone is feeling under the weather.
Here's a few ideas on what to put inside!!

Keep It Simple:

Just give them some honey, a tea cup, tea and a lemon to show them that you care. Include a gift card for Amazon for them to get some ebooks, or some instant movies. But don't forget to include the essentials (listed below!)

~For the Nerdy~

Look for themed items for you special someone! A Dalek bar of soap, delicious Game of Thrones Chocolate eggs, Puffs with a Star Wars twist and some Butterbeer Lip Balm should do it, right?

~For the Sweet Lover~

This might not be packed with sweets, but look closely! There are starburst and life savers in there! You have to make sure to give some healthier options like soup and Gatorade to rehydrate them if you're going to give them loads of sweets!! Don't forget the cough drops, either. They're basically a sweet!

~For the Book Lover~

Twilight NOT required---replace it with their kindle (loaded up with amazon gift cards!!) or a book you know they've been meaning to read. Also include:
- Warm fuzzy socks
- Chicken soup
- Warm chamomile & lavender tea
- A box of tissues
- Throat lozenges
- Chapstick
- Vicks
- DayQuil Severe
- Vicks NyQuil Severe
Don't like any of these? Don't worry! You can personalize however you think they'll best like it. Better yet, just make one for yourself, so you don't feel so down in the dumps when your cold comes along.

Remember that every kit should have at least the following:

- tissues
- cough drops
- something to sooth stomach pain
- a delicious snack
- something to amuse them!
@TessStevens oh boo!!! I hope you're feeling better >< Make yourself one so you have it ready for next cold!!!
@danidee Etsy is full of wonderful (dangerous) things, and that is one of them!
Butter Beer Lip Balm is a thing?! Why don't I own like 12 sticks of it already?/
My parents used to send my something like this but much less cute. Just vitamins and tissues tossed in a cardboard box and mailed to my school haha but its the thought that counts!
I actually used to make these for my mom before flu season at school because she was the teacher that would inevitably get sick from all her students haha and @Mystere55 LUCKY, I'm always the one giving, not receiving
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