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You've waited this long to grow your hair out but you're getting bored of your current look. Some of you might consider trying a pixie cut or bob for summer but let me advise you now before you chop your hair off.
Summer is the best time for beach waves and braids.
Short cuts are cool but they're limited. So if you're the type of girl who likes trying different hairstyles keep your long hair.

Need a quick makeover? Try these tricks:

1. Switch out your lip color.

Been wearing the same nude or neutral lipstick? Switch it out and try a bright tone for a day. My summer favorites are coral, hot pink and orange. You'll be surprise with your new look.

2. Amp up your hair color.

Deepening or lightening your current hair by one shade can make you feel like a new woman.

3. Change your eye makeup.

Alternate between the cat eye, smokey eye and sultry eye!

4. Reshape your brows.

A little tweak to your brows can freshen up your entire face. Just make sure you don't over-pluck because it'll take a while for it to grow back.
Also this seems really subtle but changing the side of your hair part!
I want to try threading for my brows! let me know how it goes :)
i'm overdue to reshaping my brows.. i think i want to try threading next time. has anyone else done it?
I believe that brows remark. it can change you
@sophiamor That's what I do when my hair is flat.
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