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Quite possibly one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten in Korea. What's special about it is that all of the prepared ingredients need to fan around the brazier perfectly. Blistered Gingko beans and meatballs addition to seafood, radish, carrot, shrimp, chives, and cow tripe makes it a RICH meal for sure. The broth is made by boiling radish garlic scallion pepper and brisket The brisket is cooked until fork tender Then you place these radish and the brisket at the bottom of the pot and the broth is added later after all of the veggy seafood meat History: when a scholar/politician who lived at the king’s palace during the Joseon Dynasty was exiled from the court and escaped to live in the mountains. Usually braziers are quite large but the exiled scholar created a smaller version from scratch and cooked some vegetables in the pot with some flavored broth.
It does look very yummy! I've seen this similar dish in one of the historical kdrama
Nothing to ask... just seems yummy!
so yummy..