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Lee Min Ho recently showed off his good personality. Lee, who represents clothing brand Trugen, held a signing event on December 8 at an outlet mall. Many fans from all over the world gathered together to see him and brought the place to halt. Since Lee is a beloved star in China, Japan, and the Philippines, fans from various countries visited the place and drew a lot of attention. Even though the weather was so cold, his fans were waiting to receive his autograph. Lee handed candies, chocolates, and drinks to his fans and grabbed their cold hands one by one. A spokesperson for the brand says, “More people have gathered than when he held a signing event right after his TV series went off air. Even though Lee is so busy, he showed off his good manners until the end of the event.” Lee recently held a fan meeting in Yokohama, Japan with over 10,000 Japanese fans. Source: TV Report
he really is warm hearted <3
Very good manner