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With their much anticipated 5th comeback, History stayed true to their concept with a dark and catchy tune. However, I felt that the music overpowered the vocals a bit too much, and the song was not nearly as powerful as their previous single, Psycho. While History "might just die" for their love, fans might just die from the signature body roll. What this MV might lack in impact, it makes up for with fanservice. And as you can tell, it seems to be working...
History seriously hasn't let me down yet, even though the Teen Top Neil lookalike still freaks me out.
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@kpopandkimchi o.o I just noticed that after you mentioned it!!
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@poojas Yeah, apparently they are distant cousins or something? Too weird...
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I love this song, personally I thought the way they did the music made it sound so epic... Anyway, every time I see those rather impressive abs, I always feel like I should go and workout XD
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