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Okay, this video may be a little NSFW-ish, but the message in it and the music are both really great. It's a really poignant, if over-the-top, commentary on the 'otaku' lifestyle of Japan, where young men shut themselves off from society and focus their efforts and attentions on things like anime and videogames. Just watch - it's a rollercoaster ride all the way through.
Oh! Not contemporary manga as it's known today. I was referencing more the Edo period manga aesthetic of Hiroshige, Hokusai, et al. It's weird how things that are so incredibly modern and common today are actually extremely influenced by aspects of the country's history that are actually extremely old. I think knowing that whole back history made me more appreciative of what's going on in the country's visual culture these days. Hahaha, and I get what you mean. I remember I used to think that otaku was an all-around blanket term for anyone with an interest in Japanese culture, but then I had a friend show me some REAL otakus (complete with their ridiculously excessive Japanese toy collections and everything), and I was like ... whoa, that's different.
I'd have to agree with you about the pop culture of Japan. I think it's interesting, full of high energy, and wildly flamboyant. I'd have to disagree, though, with the manga-derived aesthetic. Manga and Anime are about as popular in Japan as it is in America. There is certainly more of it, but the fanbase is generally the same. People who live that kind of otaku lifestyle are pariahs in their community - something I think this video is also getting at.
This video is my kind of crazy. I think back in the day I used to just sort of write off Japanese otaku thing, but lately I've become more appreciative of the country's whole manga-derived aesthetic. Japanese pop culture is actually pretty interesting.
Have you seen the new sequel? It's called "GIRL" sung by Daoko! :D