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Look at Mac Demarco. Look at him! Does this look like a man who spends big money on sneakers?
No. He doesn't.
And, lo, he did not. So, what?
A few months ago, Mac Demarco sold his tour-worn Vans to the highest bidder on eBay. 168 bids later, the autographed pair were sold for $21,000.
There is so much good going on here. Demarco donated 100% of the cash to the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.
The highlights of the original eBay listing: under Condition, the shoes are listed as "Pre-owned" (ya think?), and Mac alleged that he would "probably throw some other crap in the box before shipping it."
What I would give to find out what sort of random things Mac Demarco sends alongside a pair of used sneakers...
(But not $21,000).
My old roommate is obsessed with Mac Demarco...I was even dragged to his show in NYC last spring. I bet she bid on these shoes haha
Yep, that's definitely half the battle. I'm hoping to see him soon!
@jeff4122 Personally I thought it was the crowd's reaction to him that made the performance great. It wasn't a really awesome show but his fans are SO into him that I started to get excited just being in the crowd.
@galinda was he any good live?
For good reason! He is awesome.