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The Bluths Are Back!

America's favorite dysfunctional family is back!

Netflix must have read my post about TV shows that were cancelled too soon because it announced the production of another season of Arrested Development.
This time next year we'll be watching Lucille insult her sons, Gob unsuccessfully perform magic tricks, Tobais paint himself blue, George Michael embarrass himself in front of a girl and Michael throw his hands up in exasperation of his family.
Unlike Michael, I'm excited for the return of the Bluth family's antics. The show's dry humor only gets better the more you watch it, with plenty of hidden jokes that take several views to catch.
Summer 2016 can't get here fast enough.
I have very high expectations! Perhaps a return of the banana stand!
Plus, I was really happy with where it ended at the end of 4. I thought it was kind of a quirky and provocative way to end the series, turning the joke-riddled fun on its head into something more serious (but not too heavy-handed)
I was cool with the fourth season. I mean, the first three were perfect so it's hard to match up with that. But they didn't totally drop the ball with the fourth, so that was enough for me. I'd be happy enough if they kept up that kind of quality through this next season, but five seems like a lot...
@nicolejb - Same here! Season 4 was definitely not on par with the first 3 seasons, but here's hoping season 5 makes up for that!
I was IN LOVE with this show (in it’s early seasons), but when the 4th Season released in 2013 I was a bit disappointed. Maybe this new season will be better! I’m excited to see!
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