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Let's be honest: Reese Witherspoon has been on point in her style recently. This outfit makes her look sexy and sophisticated at the same time, which can sometimes be very difficult to do!
The key to keeping jeans looking professional is to keep them very dark. Dark jeans also create a slimming illusion, so you get two bonuses for the price of one! Make sure they are skinny jeans and fall just at your ankles for the best look.
Add a pop of color and flair to the entire outfit with a colorful, floral top. A breezy top is the best piece to go with your tighter jeans. Make sure the top is long enough to tuck into your jeans. Look for a lighter material so that you can stay cool in the summer heat!
My favorite piece of this outfit is the blazer! Make sure to wear one that hits right at the hips and is a dark navy or black. The gold buttons add more personality to the sophisticated outfit. Buttons on blazers are a great place to add a little bit of flair to a business look.
Go for classic black pumps — you don't want to distract people from your great outfit. If you have to do a lot of walking, black flats will also work perfectly with this outfit!
The accessories of this outfit really make it something special. The cat-eye sunglasses are a perfect touch to give some fun to the outfit. A classic black belt pulls the entire look together. And don't forget a swipe of vibrant lipstick to brighten up your face. Grab a black purse and you are ready to walk down the streets like they are the runway. Work it!
The heels and skinny jeans look is one of my favorites :)
Here style is always preppy!
I love the floral top! Looks perfect for summer :)
Yes she definitely can make anything look amazing, even those outfits from Legally Blonde!
Hahaha me neither. But then again I haven't really met a lot of Canadians. I think the dark denim keeps it from being something of a fashion faux pas. Plus I feel like Reese can make ANYTHING look chic!
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