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This place is one of the places i most frequent to.. :) As a matter of fact it kinda became a weekly habit.. FOOD: They specialize, needless to say, in Sundae or stuffed intestine.. They really make it well. The Sudes that are sold from regular Bunsik houses are nothing compared to Jin's. i highly recommend their Sunde soup.. It's really really tasty and the hot, delicious soup is perfect for the uber cold winter weather. The Pyo Haejangguk is also a must-try! Haejangguk is what Koreans have after a night of drinking to calm the stomach. Pyo means bone. This bone soup is a full meal itself coz it has tons of vegetables and a large chunk of meat. They also serve delicious side dishes that taste really fresh. SERVICE: The staff in Hoegi branch (where we visit every weekend) is really kind. they are not the typical grumpy middle-aged Korean women we see in other korean restaurants..hehe They seem happy and love their job. They refill the side dishes before you even realize they need refilling.. :) They also do take outs in which they put the food in a really decent pack that you can microwave at home. PRICE: W7,000 - W10,000 /person LOCATION: Jin Sunde I guess can be found all over the city but the one in Hoegi is highly recommended. Line 1, Hoegi Station, Exit 1..