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SK finally starts to feel thankful toward SJ, and he's also pleased with it. Are they gonna fall in love each other? :D Coming back home, SJ and SK thinks of each other. At the moment SK gonna read the secret diary, the message from president comes. The message is a pic of the doll. SK calls SJ, "Secretary Kim! President sent me a msg! I think he likes the doll~It's thanks to u. Have a good night!" At that night, SJ is writing answers about SK's questions about him. He imagines he answers to SK directly. SK struggles to prepare styling ARTEMIS president. One day he wakes up, then her friend is reading her secret dairy from YJ. "What is this? You looked wired thesedays. Let's talk later." Moving to new home, SK explains what happened between her and YJ. "I've pretended hate the girls like YJ, but I won't live like this anymore." But her friend worries, "Do u think she's happy? She've lived in the way until now. You have to live as urself..!" SK says "Live as myself? What is a life living as myself? I don't wanna live like this anymore. I'm gonna be the rich." Hearing her, her friends decides to help her. "I will find more info about the president, but I still worry u..Btw why u try to know about him?" SK says "He's my rabbit who ganna lead me to CDD, like rabbit led Alice." SK and her friend is talking how to find info about the president. Her friend decides to find out about Kim secretary, first. In the meanwhile, SJ thinks how to hide the truth that he's president to SK. At that time, SK calls. She wanna meet with SJ for a business. SK says "As u told me, I desgined considering concept of the party." SK's friend finds list of secretaries in ARTEMIS, but she can't find a man named Kim Seung Jo. She calls SK and tells it. SK doubts SJ and asks to give her his namecard. SK's friend meets another secretary, Mon, in ARTEMIS. She says "I saw secretaries' list but I couldn't find a man names KSJ. Is there Kim secretary in ur company?" Mon Secretary and SJ have urgent conference how to hide the truth that he's president. After the short dialogue, he says SK "Listen well. Actually I'm ARTEMIS president's representative. And I'm his personal employee. You know..he's very busy and hate to be exposed to ppl.." In the meanwhile, TMH finds out if SJ is IN's son. He finds SJ graduated from Yale, and In Hwa also knows it. Now they're sure SJ is LN's son. LN is president of company Loyal. *IN is Ill Nam who is president of Loyal company, and at the same time SJ's father. In Hwa decides to invest to Loyal company to be familiary with IN. To make SK be sure that he's president's representative, he visits SK to his home. "See? This is president's home and I manage here everyday for him. Now u believe I'm representative?" While they're together in home, YJ visits him suddenly. "Do u know my mom-in-law is interested in you to marry u with her daughter?" SJ says "It can happen. I don't wanna be related with u anymore. It will never happen." YJ comforts, hearing it. "Ok, if u say so.. It seems like u have a girl. I hope u would keep her this time, thinking what she really wants.." After YJ goes, SJ talks with SK. SK asks "How did u know president?" SJ says "Well..when I studied abroad, I cleaned his home for part-time job. I've lived hard when I was in Paris..!" SK says "I know well about Paris..." She explains him about it. They talk about Paris. Then she gets a call from secretary Mon. He calls her because SK's friend got drunken a lot. SK and SJ goes to take SK's friend. She totally gets drunken. SJ takes SK's friend on his back, then she vomit on his back. He freaks out and SK goes to bring towel for him. While waiting for her, SJ looks around SK's home and finds SK's diary. At the moment he gonna read it, SK's father sees him and gets surprised. He asks SJ about him. SJ says "President decided to help SK, cuz he got moved by her, seeing her love someone truly and work hard." Hearing his answer, SK's father thinks SJ's good person and drinks with him. SJ says about him, "I studied in Paris in spite of my father's disagreement. So I had to pay for university by myself. I used to sleep on street someday because of money..But now I'm good after the all struggle.." Before SJ goes back, SK asks "Why did u pour soy sauce on TMH?" SJ get embarrassed, "It's not I did it for u..He disgraded my president..and.." SK says "Good job! Let's high five..!" They high five and SJ feels happy. At that night, SJ thinks of SK continually. So does SK. YJ is afraid that In Hwa thinks of marrying with SJ. IN gonna have dinner with YJ's family for business. YJ comes to know it and feels so nervous. SJ explains party's menu to SK. YJ's family and IN gonna have a diner and YJ can't participate because of car accident. At the moment SJ go out with SK, he meets up with his father. "SJ, come back home now. I need u.." SJ gets angry, "U need me? for ur self? When I wrote a contract for giving up inheritance, u told me so. U said u've raised me up for urself and there's no free in the world." IN says "That's right, and that is business. U're still too young. That's because u get hurt easily. Do u think u succedded to revenge as becoming ARTEMIS president? Now u still have long way to go.." At that night, SK and SJ have a drink together. SJ says "My father didn't like me..So I decided to not to see him but I care him very much.." SK asks "Have ur gather never praised u really? Secretary Kim, let's high five." While doing it, she says "Good job, Kim. U will do well!" At the moment she gonna take off her hands, she comes to hug him by mistake. SJ wanna kiss her but stops cuz SK seems like she hesitates. Walking to home, SK calls YJ. "I have a question. U told me 3 crises, right? What was ur first crisis?" SK says "Love"
Thanks to U NJ Now I know the story ep 6
I can't stop laughing while watching ep 5's hospital scene... I guess the scenes for ep 6 will give us gitters! I wanna watch.... Thanks @njkim .
i even posted this link on their fb page :)
@moonchoo thx alotz! I'm happy u enjoyed it! :D
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