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"Not all who wander are lost" is a line oft-quoted by many a fan of the work of J.R.R Tolkien. It is similarly quoted by many lost people who become defensive and insecure about their inability to navigate strange places. Newlywed couple Natalie and Spencer Risceke of Tuscaloosa, Alabama decided to take their honeymoon to Pienza, Italy, seeking the legendary romance of the Italian countryside. However, not everything had panned out for them quite like they'd hoped.
"Yeah, we been walking all day, and we can't figure out where the Leaning Tower is," said Spencer.
I tried to explain to him that the famous Leaning Tower was in Pisa, some 200km northwest of Pienza. The starry-eyed couple vehemently denied the possibility that they had err'ed in their vacationing until I pulled out a map and showed them the difference. Finally recognizing their mistake, Natalie offered up the famous Tolkien line. Smiling, I said back to her, "All that is gold does not glitter."
"What are you gettin' at? This ring IS solid gold. Look!" she said, thrusting her hand under my nose.
"No, I meant, well that's a line from--"
Not all who quote Tolkien have read him.
@drwhat I swear to Iluvatar, known to some as Eru, that I have no idea what you mean.
@VinMcCarthy You clearly know nothing. Good. Haha.
Not everyone can be a well read Tolkien-ite. Try quoting the Silmarillion, you'll get even less who notice it...
@christianmordi thanks man, and yeah lol. though I think the updated title makes it clearer all around
Really cool piece, apparently the line went right over their heads lol