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SK calls YJ and asks "U said u had three crises, right? What was ur first crisis?" YJ says "Love." YJ thinks of her dialogue with SJ's father. She suggested to let her graduate her university and give her a recommendation from him. He asked YJ "Did u really love SJ?" YJ says "Does it matter to u?" SK came home then she gets call from her friend. She says "I'm drinking with secretary Moon. I'm working hard for u! to get info about secretary Kim and president..!" In the meanwhile, SJ is talking with friend how fantastic time he spend with SK. SK is reading diary. It says 'u should be careful of love. It stops u think and do anything for lover. Business and love can't exist together.' Coming back home, SJ is filled with love. Next morning, SK's friend, AJ, says "I have a good news! ARTEMIS president didn't get married!" SK says "That is too much for me. Anyways find more info about him." SK is showing the styling she prepared for president. SK tries to focus on only working not to fall in love with SJ. But SJ is thinking when he should kiss with her. (SJ's friend is doctor and he recommended SJ to try to fall in love. SJ had a hurt in his heart and love is the best for curing. So he said "Next time, kiss her") At the moment SK goes back to work, SJ stops her "Wait a minute! I wanna show u stylings president prefers." Then he suggests SK to try some clothes. While SJ helps her to wear hills, he kisses her. SK pretends she's not pleased with it. "I gotta go," SJ tries to stop her, "SK, I didn't mean it..SK..!" But she leaves. In the meanwhile, AJ and secretary Mon is both worrying if there's mistake they made, being drunken. Finally AJ meets him to check if she made a mistake. They notice they doesn't remember anything and are relieved. TMH have a conversation with IN, SJ's father. "If u want ur son marry with In Hwa, u gotta change his mind. Well..I heard u are second head in PyeongChang Olympic. I want my brand is sponsered by it." YJ and her younger brother, Ho Min, is worried of the marrying between In Hwa and SJ. While YJ takes a rest, IN comes to visit her suddenly. HM tells it and she hides. She calls SK cuz there's no friend she can call. YJ asks "Are u doing well?" SK says "I will stop my heart toward him." YJ says "Do it at once definetely. It's really hard..My first, second and third crises was all love.." SJ continually cares what he has to tell to SK. He prepares it, saying 'This is frist time for me to feel this way..So I'm not used to it..' Then SJ meets SK. "I know I look a little bit weird, but I want u to know this. I really.." But SK cuts his saying, "Secretary Kim, I don't want to work in this way. I even can't meet president for whom I have to prepare styling." SJ says "You don't like me? Is that problem?" SK says "Yes, I don't like you..and even if I'm not famous designer, I want to work meeting president directly. Tell him I want to work, seeing him. If I can't, I won't work anymore." Turning back, SK thinks 'You did well..' But they thinks of eachother. SJ runs to catch her but he can't find her. SJ comes back to office. He asks to secretary Mon, "Have u ever met AJ? Is there anything to tell her?" He says "Well..I can't remember.." And AJ also says samething to SK. "I told sth to secretary Mon, but I can't remember.." SK says "Wat if he remembers?" SJ calls his friend, DU, "It seems like SK comes to know that I'm ARTEMIS president. She would think I made fun of her.." DU says "Just tell her honestly. That's the best." TMH visits In Hwa, "U know there's ARTEMIS party tonight. It's good chance for you to be familiar with the president. Do not show him that u wanna be famliary with him because of business." SK calls AJ, "President sent me a dress for party. He visited me..What do I have to do?" AJ says "It seems like he didn't listen yet what u said to secretary Kim. Just go and have fun." In the meanwhile, YJ visits IN president to tell him all the truth. "Hi..Can't u remember? I'm YJ." AJ and secretary Mon tries to remember what they told to each other. AJ finally remembers what she said and screams. SK heads to party . SJ's also going to party then secretary Mon calls him. "President..! Now I remember! It's not that I didn't tell. AJ told me sth and I heard it..!" SJ heards what AJ said to Mon and gets surprised. In the meanwhile AJ also sends a msg to SK. 'Hey! Now I remember what I said to Mon. But the thing I heard is more surprising..! Secretary Kim is ARTEMIS president!' At the moment, SK and SJ meets up. Preview of Ep.8) SJ feels sad, "SK likes secretary Kim, not me!" In the meanwhile, YJ begs IN not to tell anyone what happened her. And DU, SJ's friend, says "Tell SK the truth!"
Cinderella story every woman love so much..... we're all want to be a Cinderella!!! it's a MUST!
poor SJ..he'll have his heart broken when he discovers the diary and things..and he will discover and then misunderstandings..oh..crap!! p.s. thanks njkim
@zuyuthailand yea so sad :(
@jongchaya sure;) thx! :D
@Jekyna yea! Isn't it so interesting? x)
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