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Before you get too excited, this isn't a promo for the new season of OITNB, but stick around because we have "hues" for you. Summer is quickly approaching and that means bright colors are marking their territory. It's time to set those nude lippies to the side (temporarily) and reach for something that will make your lips pop and break every mans neck who passes by -- figuratively speaking. Bright colors can be risky, but with a little confidence and liner, you're good to know. We're drooling over everything orange this season. From peachy hues to the brightest of bright, we want to see you wearing it. Move over black, there's a new hue in town.
Don't be shy when it comes to stepping up your lipstick game. Change is good and what other time to step outside of your element than the summer? If you don't want to jump straight into neon shades, you can always opt for a peachy tone. A lot of naysayers believe that certain shades are only for certain complexions, absolutely not! Tell them to take several seats. No matter what your complexion may be, you can wear any color under the sun and wear it with pride.
There are no rules when it comes to the world of fashion, just a few guidelines and telling someone what color they can wear is not one of them. Grab a liner because when it comes to bright liners that's a huge must. You want your lips to be both defined and precise. You can either go for a liner the same shade as your lipstick or choose a warm tone to calm things down a bit. It's all about having fun and figuring out what suits you best. Orange you glad you read this post? Of course, you are. Pucker up if you dare and remember, there's only one rule this summer -- go bright or go home.
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