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Fellow Vinglers, let me introduce you to D.R.A.M. The German-born, Hampton, VA-bred emcee social media by storm after the release of his first mixtape titled “1 Epic Summer. The project possessed a unique and signature sound different from the aggressive trap-inspired rap that dominates the Virginia area. D.R.A.M. wooed listeners with his smooth singing and variety of fun yet daring sounds via production.
One of the hit songs off the project is titled “Cha Cha.” The song captures the essence of D.R.A.M. flawlessly, as the combo of his soulful singing with the Super Mario samples make the song an easy listen. The track has even caught the ear of Beyonce, who uploaded a video on Instagram (see above,) dancing to the song.
Do yourself a favor and catch the official video above. Get hip to “Cha Cha” before it’s too late, it could be the song of the summer.
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Hahahaha hearing that bass layered over Super Mario is seriously surreal in the best way. I agree about this being a summer anthem. It's so fun.