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Be it Carrie Bradshaw or Jack Bauer, everyone has a few favorite TV characters that they either have a crush on, want to be best friends with or just enjoy watching. Over the years, I've watched plenty of series and characters, but several people stand out from the crowd of beloved TV characters.
5. Every office needs a prankster like Jim Halpert. Over The Office's nine seasons Jim stole my heart with his jokes, love for Pam and rationality in an office full of ridiculous employees.
4. CJ Cregg was The West Wing's resident feminist. She put the men of the White House in their place and was an inspiration for many politics-loving women.
3. My cynical side loves Dr. House, who was always smart enough to get away with being kind of a jerk. It takes a great actor to get fans to fall in love with such a curmudgeon.
2. Not only does Liz Lemon have my dream job, she handles it with a socially awkward grace that makes her character more relatable.
1. Lorelai Gilmore was the ultimate role model growing up, with a sarcastic wit that I hoped would rub off on me after watching every episode ten times.
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Nailed it! Great collection of characters!