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Never one to turn down the opportunity to rack up some creep points, actor James Franco has jumped onto the 'aggressive motivational speech' bandwagon started earlier this week by Shia LaBeouf with his very own 'Just Poo It' YouTube clip.
Yeah. That's right. It's called 'Just Poo It'.
Apparently, no one wants to help you through your next trip to the bathroom more than James Franco, the simultaneous mover of both bowels and hearts.
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James Franco always confuses me, but for some reason I can't stop loving him.
@drwhat I hope that if and when the inevitable James Franco biopic comes out down the line "What...even." will be the working title.
@beywatch I'm thinking it should be "Francostein"
@VinMcCarthy Would that make Dave Franco "Young Francostein"?
@beywatch omg YES