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Its summer, the time for staying out late, tossing back a few frozen margaritas (and a few extra shots) and then spending the next day lounging on the beach for recovery. Seems perfect right?
Theres just one problem; not many people feel their hottest after a night out partying, let alone in a bathing suit after a night out of partying.
First let me tell you, you are not alone! Here are some few tips to try and battle the bloat so you can enjoy your beach day worry free!
Drink Heavy Beers!
Shocking I know. But if you are trying to get a bit more then buzzed (trust me, no judgement here), heavy beers have a more alcohol to volume ratio. While they may be more caloric, that also means you have to drink less of them. More bang for your buck, in calories and money! Thats a Win Win.
If you are only trying to get a slight buzz however, rock the light beers or just don’t drink at all. But in my personal opinion either go big or go home am I right?
Avoid the Flavored Shots!
While that delicious strawberry vodka slides down like a jolly rancher, it can also double the calories. Unflavored liquor, while cringe worthy, is less calories and a higher alcohol content! So keep that in mind while you trick yourself into believing that the shot of straight Absolut is soooo much better then the Raspberry Smirnoff.
The chasers will kill you.
Speaking from someone who is always down for a Dirty Shirley (Gin, Sprite, Grenadine, and a cherry when I'm feeling fancy), the sugary juice and sodas will result in a bigger hangover and a lot more bloat. Unfortunately its the vodka sodas that offer the least calories (and the least enjoyment in my opinion).
Just say screw it!!
Lay on the beach and let the the confidence that you look amazing radiate off of you like the stench of lasts nights alcohol blowing in the breeze. Enjoy a Bloody Mary or crack open a limearita and enjoy avoiding the hangover for a few more hours.
Just make sure you have a floaty device if you want to go swimming.
But really, as long as you feel awesome in your bathing suit you will look awesome!! Keep that in mind and enjoy a strawberry daiquiri for me.
Why did I think that this card was going to be safety tips for not drowning? hahahaha
Love that last tip HAHAHA!
@galinda For a second I did too haha My main tip is put a giant tshirt over that bathing suit and then you're set!