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Heroes cannot be ordered at the drive-in down the block,
but they can ask if you want an order of fries to go with your value meal.
Heroes are not perfect, flawless, or angelic in their appearance,
but they may spend 4 to 5 hours in front of a mirror preparing to pretend to be.
Heroes are not shrink-wrapped, vacuum-packed, or placed behind a plastic LIMITED EDITION seal.
However, they can be made in China..
Heroes cannot breathe underwater or see extra-long distances at night,but they fall asleep, to dream of people like that.

Heroes are not printed in technicolor ink and stapled together in books and issued out for 2.49£ They do shell out their weekly pittance for these books, though.

Heroes don't engage in fiery 1-on-1 combat with extraterrestrial foes.They do put pen to paper to battle the all-too-human ones, though.
Heroes are not wounded by special minerals like kryptonite and don't have any adamantium fused to their skeletons.They are hurt more by medical bills and tuition payments, they have exhaustion stamped on their faces, in their bones.

Heroes don't have parades in their honor and are never presented with the key to the city by a gleaming mayor and published on newspaper covers. They work two jobs to make sure they keep the key to their home.

Heroes don't start wars.They die in them, and a mother cries a week after the fact.
Heroes cry where their fathers can't hear them and their mothers can't help them. The world won't mourn the passing of today's Heroes as they wink out of existence. Funerals won't be broadcasted, and none of them will be called a "crucial loss for humanity."
seconded @miluielpotterhe I see nothing to be self-conscious about here, it's all been enjoyable. I like that you just used the bold emphasis without worrying here; i feel like some writers don't like using bold/italics/bigger text but I think it can be used well, and this would be an example of that
don't be self conscious about this. it's great
thank you both so much! I get super self-conscious about my poetry, so it feels really good to get this positive feedback.
I agree, @miluielpotterhe. This was really, really great. I love the poetry you've posted so far!