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Illustrator and artist Adrian Hogan likes to make his cup of coffee a little bit brighter each day. Hogan posts videos on Instagram showing off his panoramic cup masterpieces, and his account has grown to over 12.4k followers.
As an avid Instagrammer and coffee fan, I followed @adehogan this month, and each time he posts another video, I’m stunned by the creativity he puts into it.
This guy is getting some serious recognition for his work, and it’s worth checking out.
I read about this before!! I heard he got started when somebody was doing some sort of coffee exhibit, and he was looking for a way to practice more "everyday sketching" and boom! There it was! I love that he started making the videos of them as well, really cool to see how he saw the world before he took it down onto the cup.
This is so rad. I love the continuity between the cup art and the actual scene. So cool.