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Demonstrated here by Vanessa Hudgens (looking coy as always in NYC), matching tops and bottom are an easy outfit in their own. Throw on a top and matching skirt, shorts, or pants, and your trendy outfit is pretty much good to go.
Rihanna, Elle Fanning, and Bella Thorne (left to right) all look instantly put together in their dressier matching sets. All you need is a pair of heels and have instant chic!
Kendall Jenner found a casual suit in the form of a 10 Crosby Derek Lam matching top and pants.
The look is seriously everywhere. Most (Mindy Kahling, Kim Kardashian, Lucy Hale here to name a few) choose the crop-top and high-waisted skirt combo for a ladylike look that still has some sex appeal. Find out where to get the look below!
Top and shorts combos here, here, and here for a look that's like a fun twist on the ever-trendy romper. Also can be mixed and matched, but combining the matching pieces with statement accessories and cool shoes is an easy way to get the look.
Tops and pants combos are a cool way to look dressed up without being overly girly. First look here and here, second look here, and the third that's more akin to Kendall Jenner's, but not quite summer appropriate here.
And finally, the most favored combination of crop-top and high-waisted, ladylike skirt. Instantly dressy and elegant while still being totally on-trend. Options here, here, here, and here.
I think that might be the sexiest Vanessa Hudgens has ever looked. Love that outfit
@stargaze I actually like the ruffles but think they would have been better asymmetrically placed. When they're right at the crotch it's a little laughable.
I love Mindy Kaling's, but I'm a little biased. I pretty much love everything Mindy Kaling ever does!
Vanessa Hudgens' outfit is one of those things that I would love to be able to pull off but absolutely never will haha
The designer should of left Ella Fanning's skirt alone. It would have been better without the ruffles.