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Guys~ I have traveling to India for a month, so minyk2002 gonna help me :) She gonna use my ID, so don't be confused and keep following me:D Hi guy~ I'm new recaptor of Cheongdamdong alice. I know njkim is really good recaptor !!!! so I will do my best not to disappoint you guys !! Just 2 minutes ago before it airs ~ >,< ------------------------------------------------------------- SH: I have sth to tell you...actually i am a.... I have sth to apologize....actually I am a...... I am a...president of Artemis..i am a jantiel sha I'm sorry for hiding it.... I am a bad guy...( SK: I am a bad girl...) I belive you (SK: You believe me?) I like you..(SK: Me, too...i also like you...) () means talk to herself... SK: i think the distance between you and I is so far... She deined his confession. In the church. She recalls her memories with SK and she prayed. SK :Please forgive me only this time..in the future..I will do better for him...please ..give me a chance to like him... SJ told all the things that happened yesterday to DE. SJ: i have many things to do ! it is same like when I fall in love with YJ. oh ! There is one difference at that time,,,i was really hard..but this time really is really pleased ! SJ visites SK's house and greet to her parents. He reveals his position. SJ: Actually father mother...i have something to decieve you. First, my surname is also wrong..my surname is Cha, not kim. TMH comes to SK and bring back her cell phone SK"s sister text a message to her : Hey SK, SJ comes to our home..I think he is crazy. He said he is the presient. TMH spoke in treating tone.. TMH: I know that you know his position already. Do you want to continue this? SJ: i got the elbow..from SK. i'm not that distinguished person. Her father presses a drink on him. TMH passes studying abroad course to her TMH: My job is that arranging marriage. IH attempts a marriage with him so you'd better leave as soon as possible. SJ is droken... SJ: What? SK? You said...I'm too far from you? no no no it's same let's see blah blah blah ~ (Cute SJ >.<) but sk is still disappointed.. SK's father : Just leave her alone and wait until she decides it. On the company IH: How do you know the president of Jangtialsha? SK: Um...actually my ex-boyfriend did something wrong in that company but he forgave it She wonders why he forgave him..and she let her know that hand writing is more impressive to him. YJ meets her husband. Nowadays, YJ is worried about IH's marriage..and the relation with Loyal company. She accepts invitation of the ceremony that SJ is also going to participate. IH is writing the invitation by hand because of SK's advice. SJ is impressive about this (ㅜnㅜ no no SJ it is a fake) Anyway YJ appears to SJ and SJ's father. YJ: We can't avoid this situation..it will happen many times so i will ease my mind YJ: President, do you want to continue this? I don't care anything because it is business but in the case of SJ..maybe he is not..My past? Do you think only me collapse? Maybe you will lose your son. President : So, you get away of your position. SJ acts charming to her. Let's eat someting like this kk He texts a message that Turn around. When she turns around, he is just behind her...so they kiss >////< . SJ: Is it far? you see this? we are so close with his lovely dance. With YJ. SK: Do you have a religion? YJ: You did? so what? Like i will live more kind from now ? SK:No...i just forgive me... YJ cries why is it wrong? Am I doing something wrong? Why only we are? why? I know...i hurt other's someone and take advantage of others...but me too...i was also hurted ....like others. SK calls TMH SK: Please give me one chance... you also had same situation with me ..please But TMH denied. SJ: i will text a message even she doesn't answer. I will text !!! woo woo~ wow woo woo wow SK is droken..so YJ answers a message to KIM secretary (Yes, she doesn't know Kim secretary is SJ) YJ: Dliver her to home. YJ is confused because of the fact that SJ is SK's clock rabbit in the Alice. After lying her on the bed, SJ: i'm never tired, i am not exhausted. SJ talks to himself. I know i am timid and shy..but I told you that I like you. So..don't afraid of this...you are so brave and bright !. Fighting ! fighting ! ( grabbing her hand) SK's sister: Do you remember what day tuesday is? SJ: Umm.. maybe sk birthday? ( It is upgraded expression not just birthday.. how can I explain it..? Do you know it? like the birthday of saint) SJ; Please let me know it. please help me. Sk's sister : hey sister let's go museum ~ my friend's work displays in that museum ~ SK notices that she has a hidden intention. kkk With his father. She get disappointed...so her father comforts her that it is not that difficult thing. But she says...gap between he and I is too far.. and she also metioned her boss who wants to get marry with someone. SJ prepares the party for her. On the other hand, SK meets TMH. TMH passes a paper that SK gives up all the right related SJ. He hurries her to sign up. SK: Maybe..you can't belive it..but ...i really..sincerely...love... TMH: Stop. you are as ugly as sin. stop. SK cries: Why when my boss pretends to love him, it is pretty, but why am I ugly? What is the difference? Why for me? TMH: Then why am I did this disgusting things?..it is same. SK calls to SJ. SK:i know you want me come there but...we are not... we can't... Flowers deliver. DE supports him that just show this to her and then give up. How do you prepare this? you have to show this. This is so perfect. At first, find where she is. At that time AJ tells I know where she is. a few days ago, i entroll her Cell phone's ID. I can trace her cell phone location. They are hanging around to find her. SJ finds her.. SJ; Don't run away from me...Actually I prepared the proposal to you... I know ...i am a coward.. I'm afraid of leaving me... i am not a perfect man....i am a just jji jil nam. I'm just a guy who love you (We just say poor and coward guy as jji jil nam) so please save me. SK: Could you just wait one hour? SJ:Yes. SK goes to TMH right after hearing this. SK:I will love as ugly ! I will never forgive him. I will never forgive my ugly love ! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Finish:)
@supernovah jenina you're welcome :) Thanks for your cheers !
thanks a loooottt for the subs...... after look at the screencaps and read this one, then my addiction of CDDA are half repay.... thanks... mmmuaach
Ok thank you! <3
jenina I will post the preview with VOD when it comes out on the U-tube >.<
Thank you! May I know what happened in the preview for episode 10? Tnx!
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