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Guys~ I have traveling to India for a month, so minyk2002 gonna help me :) She gonna use my ID, so don't be confused and keep following me:D I will do live recap when it airs on Sat&Sun! So follow me, and see the updated card :D Here is the preview for ep 10 http://www.vingle.net/collections/120720-CheongDamDong-Alice-Korean-Drama-LIVE-Recap See you soon everyone :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start. SK comes to meet TMY and then she declares that she continue to love SJ. SK: From now, I'm not fear about anything. TMH: Then you want to reveal all the thing? SK: Maybe you also cannot tell him anything because if you tell everything to him, you can get the thing that you want? So, she refuses the deal with him. For a hour, SJ waits for her stupidly...even the cold weather. SK runs right away after AJ's call. SJ: You really come here ! You accept me right? SK: I have something to tell you... SJ: Me, too..but before, you accept me right? She nods her head. Wow they become a couple ! Everyone congratulate it. People around them encourages the proposal that he prepared but he denied. SJ: Go away !!! stop don't do that. (Maybe he wants to stay just the two.) KKK. YJ's brother calls to YJ. YJB: Is there any problem nowadays? YJ: No, i don't have. TMH reminds her saying and he realizes that she is no ordinary type so he will keep an eye on her. SJ brings her to home. SK: Go first take care yourself. SJ: You go first ( couples....always..dislike parting...) SJ: SK ! See you tomorrow :) At home SJ: Where do we meet tomorrow? SK: Anywhere ^^ SJ is pleased that she adds emoticon kkkk. She decides that she will reveal everything to him tomorrow. SJ practices greeting to her. SJ: Hello? hello? you arrived? (Cute cute SJ) Just behind him. SK: Yes, i arrived. SJ suggest that they will go to Paris. SK: What? really? what about ticket? SJ:There are seats for first class. SK:What about passport? Yesterday SJ texts a message to AJ that please bring the passport in her bag but she doesn't have a passport. So they canceal their traveling ㅜnㅜ SK is little surprised that SJ is really competent. SJ: Why..?? You think i am too far? ㅜnㅜ anyway they will make a passport at first. At tea house. SK decides to reveal the secrets. Before telling it, SJ tells his secret. SJ: Actually sk..i have something to tell you. At Paris...you know that I stayed there because of trouble with father, right? but actually it is just a one of the reason. I had a girl at that times... At paris, he was really poor because his father cuts a finance. (Do you see the pictures behind them?) That pictures is drawed by SJ when he was poor. SJ wonders that who bought his picture at first... he is really thankful about him or her. SK couldn't tell the secret because SJ wants to reveal his secret at first so he delays her saying. When they are driving, they talked about their father. She hopes he and his father solve their misunderstanding. In front of her house, SJ:SK, how was your day? SK:i'm afraid.... SJ:You afraid? What? oh it is because of paris !. My fried DE stops doing this...he says i'm crazy...oh... SK: No,, i'm just afriad of myself..because it is too pleased and happy.... SJ:what is it mean? Why afraid? SK:...I'm...just...no i will make it be pleased... TMH pursues her trade and then realizes that she didn't reveal it yet. At that time, IH comes to meet him. She releases information that there is a business item that the president of Royal and jjantial sha are involved in. TMH visit the president to suggest this. The president of Royal vists SJ. SJ's father :Would you like something to eat?!!!!!!! SJ: Sure..let's eat together. at the dinner, the president asks about SK. It is a just start of fighting. Daughters in law who is rich and daughter of big company are divorced....he suggested refute evidence... YJ: It doens't work well as you guys intend...because you guys don't know about SJ. She calls to SK. YJ gets angry that SK will tell everything to him..like confession. YJ advices that if you become black...Be perfect... She talks to herself, i have to keep from marriage SJ and IH... I can survive then... DE sends the USB to SK instead of SJ because he is afraid of revealing his secret. YJ comes to his home. YJ: You have much problems than me! you didn't believe me! you forgive all the things because of me? No, you forgive it because of your father, You wants to show that you're differnet from your father. At first, you didn't believe me. you just want to test me whether I love you even you abandon all the things. SJ: Yes, right. I wait a year to find you...i wanted to check you're there. The woman who watches me lovely more than my mother..i don't think that you didn't love me. but it makes me crazy that you're real to me..how far you're sincere to me? SJ:The one thing that i noticed that we didn't break up properly..so we talk this now. i am sorry for hurting you.. From now..please be happy. In the USB, he swears revenge on his father and his ex-girl friend. 6 years ago, his father is evicting him ... He takes away even his watch... He reveals his secrets that he is really stupid...when he was in paris...he is thirsting for revenge like commeting alice things...but even me..would you like to accept me? SK: i am on way your home. At that time YJ sees that SK is entering his house so she runs to prevent it..not to tell her secret. In front of the house, YJ:May..you come here to tell the secret, do you? Don't do that! SK:I will tell... YJ: Men are different ! SK:How do you know him? YJ: i'm that woman..ex girl friend...there are two girls who he loves....the two approaches him for money...and they are friends.. if you confess all the things.., maybe he will be wounded seriously... when I abandoned him,, he became the injury ( I don't know the exact name of illness) ㅜnㅜ You have to survive him..( and then me..too...) SJ: hey SK, Did you watch it?..would you accept me? SK: yes... Cute SJ >,< act charming !!!!! He suggest to go somewhere tomorrow. He reaffirms her condition and then tomorrow's plan. On the way home.. SK reminds their saying...He gives up all the things like his father's asset, his family..but..YJ abandoned him so he bears it due to retaliatory spirit.... Text a message [Don't forget tomorrow's meeting !] SJ: There is no wave !!! but the answer is yes hahaha. jjangtial sha brings her to business's event. He introduces her as his girl friend. SJ: Father, we will marry ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish : ) Marriage? wow so brave !!!!
you're welcome 6.6 and jenina there was no preview at that time ㅜnㅜ I also wonder !!
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