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Hi Guys~ I will do live recap when it airs on Sat&Sun! So follow me, and see the updated card :D It's time to start Eeveryone ^.^ Are you ready? hehehe -------------------------------------------------------------- On the company expended ceremony, Cha president and IH's family give words of blessing to each other. Meanwhile, SJ comes out with SK. SJ : SK, This is my father and father, this is SK. WE WILL MERRY SOON. ( ^.^ ) ....Wow...everyone confuses... Chi president get angry because of SJ's rude behavior. IH's family criticizes TMH..and IH says..i don't want to get married with him. Do not attractive anymore.. Chi president: What did I do wrong? did I make you get hungry?? It is a show that you make me get disappointed, right? who she is? Hey, What is your parent's job? what's your background?!!!!!!! SJ let her go outside because of his bad words. TMH also gets mad because of IH's brother's bad words.. and everyone starts to say cold words to SK. On the car, they are going to somewhere. SK: Where are we going? SJ: Do not ask anything? ...just go At TMH's office His employ hands the camera containing the VOD that SK and YJ talked yesterday. SJ talks to her : when I was a child, his mother brought him back after the divorce. Do you know why? because of alimony. My father told everything to me ..and then he explains that when someone tells i love you means that it is same meaning that you're useful. ..... but someone realizes me something...many people say.. the antonym of I love you.is I don't love you..but it is not true. The antonym is that There is nothing to do for her or him.. SK..Would you like to marry me? At that time TMH calls to her with the VOD. TMH: You just have 2 choices, Paris or reveal this? I will give you one day. Don't be late!!!!! SK confuses...how does she do...but at that time SJ starts saying..he makes sure of waiting her..until she accepts everything. SK: please say that after SK disappears one day, i will die right away. It is okay it's not true. SJ: Is it really okay that it's not true? ( hehe cute guy) so he says this and she allows to put on the ring. SK: i will stay with you...even you disappear on my sight...I will find you .... TMH feels ashamed that he blackmails with VOD to her. Because she looks like himself...it is similar to my past... What's the end of people like us? After hearing of IH's story, she faces into IH. IH:please, tell me everything about SK. I think it's strange. IH notices that YJ revealed something. YJ meets SK and SK shows the VOD to her. YJ: It's the end....ha? SK: i have 2 choices..Paris or hell...it's your fault YJ: Hell? my fault? SK: Why did you do that? When Chi president came to you, why did you degrade your love, yourself and your value? so you live like this ..i will enter cheongdamdong receiving credit for my love, myself and my value. You're wrong business and love can balance... business protecting love. YJ: It's impossible. then you will loss both. SK: I can, since now I will protect my love. from now I will write my diary so you have to help me, I will protect your place. But after marriage, not see each other. Is there any person who see my husband's ex girl-friend? IH comes to meet TMH. TMH: i apologize about yesterday.. IH can't understand the happening about yesterday. IH: I can't understand about this variable, SK. This marriage actually not bad bussiness factor for him. she is about to check the VOD, his employ enters at that time. SK comes to meet him. SK: Royal and G&N company is finished already. TMH: So what? SK: The choice is for you, Royal or G&N? TMH gets funny with her. SK tells TMH that so what's the end of people like us? Destruction mysefl? regret? If these lesson is true, even I didn't try to enter here. You're right, I am poor and bad. Royal compnay just has problem related SJ and his father. I can solve this because you help me. I just give 2 days for you. SK and SJ discuss about their future. SJ imagines his lovely house. SJ's father calls her and then she tells about him. SK: Just once, do you try to understand him? SJ's father: What do you know? SK heard about relationship with SJ and his father. SJ has a nightmare about the funiture of his father. It means that the guilty about his father. He wishes Chi president wins recognition with him. SK visits his father bringing her album. SK: Have you ever praised him? Please hold out your hands first. His father reminds about his past. He never praised him about anything. On the company. IH still wonders about the relationship between SK, YJ and TMH. TMH meets SK. TMH: Sometimes I went down my kneel in this place. At that time..but times goes by many people went down their kneel to me..Whenever I heard this, I say I'm sorry but it can't afford. but this time I watch something on your eyes..it means desire. Are you confident? TMH accepts her suggestion. IH changes his comeputer to hers because of VOD, maybe? Delivery comes..actually she manipulates this to copy the computer. At her house, SK's father disagree with their marriage. SK's father: Too big difference is not good for marriage. I want her to get love from many people. I don't want to send her to family that father and son experience discord. In the room SK: Please i have a ask for you...would you please go first to your father? SJ: No... don't be scold me..even everyone criticize me..please only you don't do that... SK: yes .. Romance romance ^.^ with doll. SJ appears on his grandfather's ancestral rites. Everyone welcomes to him even his father. IH checks the VOD that SK and YJ talked about SJ. In the VOD, YJ says there are two women that approaches him with the purpose of money. and they are friends. IH is shocked... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :) Preveiw IH realizes the relationship between SK and YJ. SK's father and SJ's father fight against each other. TMH calls to SK what's wrong with you? Anyway when the preview comes out on the U-tube, I will post it right away. ^.^ IF YOU WANT. Then see you tomorrow guys ~~~
thank you njkim.. as usual. loves ur recap :*
mundopuertorico Really thanks for your keeping up~~~~Millions of thank you ~~~
Nightrise119 ^.~
Jekyna me too, my heart is pounding ...even after the ep..
Love your Live-Recap's - I always look forward to reading them on Vingle because you help me be less anxious regarding having to wait for the eng-subs. I am so glad I found Vingle. Keep up your great work. I deeply appreciate all you do. Millions of thank you! ;)
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