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We'd forgotten the gods. We'd forgotten our ancestral memories, or chosen to ignore them. We turned those whom we once worshipped as deities into children's fairytales, and we lost sense of where those stories came from. So they came again to make themselves known to us, in violent, bloody fashion. They wanted us to bend the knee and swear fealty to them, for having forsaken them for so long.
We didn't.
We won't.
We have come to fancy ourselves gods now, and we will fight back. We have the tools, we have the drive. I think mostly we have that insane bloodlust, shared, as a species. We will not bow. They will bow. They will know finally what it is to feel the fear of mortality, as we force it upon them. They will know what it feels like to bleed, to lose, to flee. They poked a sleeping bear, and united a world of people at war with one another. If there's one thing we do well, it's war. They will come to see that too.
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This should be a book