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Steve and Bucky's Totally Serious Workout Mix brings out your inner supersoldier

There's nothing like a campy fanmix full of ridiculius pop music to make you feel ready to kick some serious Hydra butt (or work your glutes whatever). This one by Dwarrows is the perfect combination of high octane and hilarious to keep you smiling during your most intense workout. Listen here. Fan mixes are a fun way to engage with the characters you love while you're waiting ror the next season or film. Plus, they're an excellent excuse to draw them making the goofy faces like the ones above.
Turn Down for What- ok I assume this is on the list because imagining Steve Rogers gyrating so hard he destroys a building is a lot of fun. Definitely a good decision. The playlist also features Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, Telephone by Beyonce, and Party in the USA Miley Cyrus.
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