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Hi Guys~ I will do live recap when it airs on Sat&Sun! So follow me, and see the updated card :D Let's start ^.^ IH checks the VOD that YJ and SK talked about SJ. IH: There are gold diggers ..even two. SJ's father is pleased that SJ comes to ancestal rites. I'm sorry guys...something happens on my computer.. Anyway let's start again!. IH:How much did I love her, you wife when you got married? MH, his brother : Why do you ask that questions? because of jjantial sha? Just forget him and take care yourself !. IH watched the scene his house that SJ and SK enter the his house. SK: Would you like to eat dinner with my family? SJ: Really? Sure! I do a effort until your father was satisfied. SJ's fatehr allows to reveal that jjantial sha is his son. SK is trying to persuade SJ's father participate the dinner with my family. SJ's father is worrid whether to go or not. Before the dinner, SK's father and SJ's father met in the his work place. they know each other but they didn't know who their son or daughter is. SJ's father : Have you ever paticipated the dinner with groom's family? SK's father : The opponent is trying to meet us..but I'm worried whether to go or not...the big difference between family. SJ's father :Really? ...me too...but the other side is that so poor..i'm worried.... SK's father: Oh that's a shame. In my case, there is a problem with son and their father. SJ's father: Oh that's a broken family. On the day of the dinner. SJ's father and SK's father realize who is their son and daughter so they are fighting against. SJ's father: What? our family is broken family? SK"s father: What? Our family is nothing? .....so the dinner party is cancealed. SK adjust their relationship. SK induces to apologize SJ and SJ's father. YJ comes to meet TMH. YJ: Why do you help her? TMH: i don't know just because ...she seems like me or..the deal? YJ:i can't understand. Do you like her? TMH: Huh? i'm not fit for love. TMH advices that IH cannot understand the relationship between SJ and SK and YJ, so take care yourself. Before coming out, she watched the same note book with IH. IH asks a resume from YJ's last company when she was a delivery girl. Armess president is planning to entry Korea. so SJ's father is worried that SK is enough to welcome the Armess president in ceremony. Anyway TMH notices that something is wrong related to the painting....but he doesn't know exactly so he just calls SK. TMH: Is there something wrong with you? SK:Nothing. why? TMH: Oh Really? then... just wait...after i check it, i will call again. On the lunch with Armess president. IH brings the same note book with TMH. She wants to talk something to him but Armess president says the relationship between Royal is important..after hearing this IH puts her computer under the desk. IH: hey sister, i'm ...a person who is crazy for business..so i will get married to do a business ...but now...it's so uncomfortable...really uncomfortable. she realizes something. SJ wants to introduce Armess president to her so she wants to win favor with him. SJ explains about him. He always use the items made in Armess and taste of wine, paintings...he explains all the things and she also investiages him through the computer. TMH meets SK to help her but it seems that TMH conceals something (i don't know what it is) >,~ YJ vists him to discuss with the notebook..both are same... it's not just a coincidence .. Moon secretary calls with SK. : yes samonim(We just say samonim who is one's teacher's wife.) SJ: Who do you speak with? Moon: With SK samonim. SJ:What? Why are you speaking with her? huh? Moon: It's personal call...the president SJ: What? personal call? why do you do that? Monn: It's just a secret....sorry jealousy SJ. SJ: Why did you speak with Moon secretary? why why? SK:i just called him because of work. SJ: What kind of work? why? why? jealous SJ. Anyway on the day of Armess welcome ceremony. Armess president, he is really pleased about SK. She gives a president his favorite wine that is painted by SK to him. He is really satisfied about it. YJ is looking for something. YJ;: excuse me,,, what it is? Someone: Oh IH orders the notebook with this pattern. IH calls to TMH after the scene with SK and SJ. IH: i don't care whatever you do,, but anyway you're fail. TMH gets the information that IH bought the strange painting. something happens but they don't know exactly...what it is. MH got a message including the VOD from IH. YJ is shocked..and then she delete it. ..do you know that? IH also texts it to SJ. OMG......PLEASE SJ do not check it!. TMH notices what happens now so he runs to SK. The wedding shop. SJ is waiting in front of the fitting room. SJ: Not yet? SK:Already finished. just wait ^.~ SJ:Okay, not yet?? SK:Just wait a minute please but before the check the VOD, SK opens the cutton. Wow beatiful bride. At that time, TMH appears! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :0 Actually today's recap lacks smothness.... My computer suddenly turns off several times. I was annoyed about it...because I can't focus on my SJ oppa.....ㅜnㅜ .... Anyway see you guys next week ^.^
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he plays such a good second lead...maybe one day he will get the girl...sorta like Bae Soo Bin...always a best man never the groom