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You thought I was going to tell you something you've never heard before, right?! WRONG!
You already know the move that will get your whole body toned and your tummy nice and's the plank!
The trouble is, this seemingly easy move is actually pretty easy to mess up. Here's a few teeeeeny tiny adjustments that can have your plank going from meh to WOW!
Pull Your Weight
Start in forearm plank. Holding your body still, imagine you could drag your elbows down toward your toes. This creates more tension in the abs — and more muscle tension equals better results.
Take a Step
Start in forearm plank with your arms on the floor, but your feet elevated on a step or bench behind you. Even just a few inches of tilt will change your base and make your abs work harder.
Straighten Up
Do a regular (straight-arm) plank, but make sure the soles of your feet are perpendicular to the floor, and then gently drive your heels away from each other.
Did you know that this simple move is found in nearly every workout, or any part of your body?! Check out other routines that incorporate planks here:
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I feel your pain @galinda. Literally. I just did a few planks myself haha!
Curse you @nokcha! You know how I feel about planks >:(((