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Here's one of my very favorite stripped-down live acoustic performances, by The Local Natives. Playing in the hallways of a Paris hotel (they exit onto the street at some point, I think), they march along, slowly building in numbers, volume and crescendo with a riotous, crowd-gathering, perfectly pitched screaming match (the song is "Who Knows, Who Cares"). Check it out below.
This is part of a great series run by a French blog La Blogotheque called A Take Away Show, where artists are brought into unusual spaces and we get a chance to see what they can really do, no strings attached. The Local Natives deliver by all accounts. My favorite is bearded percussionist Kelcey Ayer's belting toward the end. Dude can sing.
The truth is, these guys are simply great musicians. They're not just the harmonic voices they seem to be on some of their tracks -- they can rock, pretty hard, much to my surprise. When I saw them about two years ago they ended with "Sun Hands" and brought the house down. They're one of those bands that often falls out of my playlist, but as soon as I hear something of theirs again they're thrusted back in with ease.
I hadn't seen that cover until you mentioned it! Their harmonies are on point. The Simon and Garfunkel similarities are there, oddly enough
Yes and yes! I'll do a post on them sometime this week - I have some mixed feelings. Good comparison!
I definitely see it too. Do you know who else really reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel? Have you ever listened to Dawes?
They're so rad. I think I first discovered them when a friend showed me some of their live performances of Simon & Garfunkel's "Cecilia". It's nice to see some really capable and cooperative musicians creating such great live music together.