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Yesterday Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino conducted a brief interview via twitter with fans, sharing his thoughts on relevant topics surrounding around his music. One of the pivotal questions asked by a fan was about collaborations, in particular, one with Migos. Gambino let the news spill that he was interested in working with the Migos and was going to text their manager to put it in motion.
That potential collaboration announcement got my wheels turning on Gambino. How many collaborations is he sitting on? If I could play connect the dots with him and certain artists, who would I choose? Below are five collaborations Childish Gambino needs to make happen in 2015.
1- Migos
The Migos collaboration is a must for many reasons. For starters, it’s a mutually beneficial collaboration for both parties, as they have fan bases on different ends of the spectrum. Sonically it could be amazing as well, as you could mesh the Migos aggressive quick flow with the with Gambinos’ amazing ear for beats. This could be an amazing tour situation as well for both parties.
2- Vic Mensa
The Vic Mensa collaboration is probably the most likely out of all of the five I selected. Vic has a connection with Gambino through their mutual friend, Chance the Rapper. In regards to sound, this is a perfect mesh with these two. I wish Vic would throw Gambino on the remix of “Down On My Luck,” that would be perfect.
3- Ab Soul
Ab-Soul is known for more thought provoking music and working with Gambino could be a welcomed curve ball in his catalog. Gambino could present Soul with a fun and energetic track that could be perfect for the festivals this summer.
Of the collab choices I made, the Goldlink choice could probably produce the best song. It also could be the most powerful collaboration of the bunch. Goldlink had an amazing 2014 due to his “God Complex” EP, which was a welcomed breath of fresh air in the hip-hop community. I think these two are in the same lane and could make incredible music together.
5- Junglepussy
JunglePussy has done a great job building her base in the past year. She has a unique voice that cuts perfectly on each track. Her videos are also some of the most creative videos in hip-hop right now. A song between these two could shake the underground rap culture in NYC.
Same, @PurpleChick. And this is my favorite Ab-Soul song lol.
true I'm waiting for him to collab with Ab Soul that will be pretty dope
@shannonl5 I also really dig Angel Haze, Ive interviewed her a couple times on my radioshow. Super cool girl who really built a strong following organically. I'm def excited to hear her next project
Number 6 would definitely be Angel Haze. I love their style, their music is absolutely genius, I would probably die and go to heaven if Gambino did a collab.
@beywatch mine too! I love how he ft. jhene aiko she did a good job on her verse