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The summertime is not just about looking good and feeling good, it's also about smelling good. With summer comes sweat and with sweat comes funk. As a lady, it's extra important that we follow specific guidelines so that we can feel fresh and feminine without knocking someone out via stench this summer. Of course showering is must, but the icing on the cake is always a little perfume. Before you go over board with trying to find the right scent that fits your taste, we have you covered with the perfect fragrances for this summer.
This summer we are welcoming warm, feminine scents with light notes of floral with open arms. Keep in mind, the art of smelling good is making sure you wear the perfume and not the other way around. You don't have to drown yourself in perfume, a little goes a long way -- take our word for it. Be sure to reach all of your pressure points because these areas of your body attract the most head -- behind your ears, behind your knees, inner wrists, inner elbows, neck and chest. Following these simple rules will have every man dropping to their knees swooning over how amazing you smell.
Wale and Miguel made every woman run out and purchase "Flowerbomb" by Victor & Rolf after releasing their 2011 hit "Lotus Flower Bomb", it's definitely worth the purchase -- think oriental meets secret garden. Jay-Z made every man & woman break the bank and purchase Tom Ford with his 2013 "Magna Carta Holy Grail" hit. Well get your wallets ready because Tom Ford's "Fleur De Portofino" definitely made the cut. We are all for light floral scents this summer and "Fleur De Portofino" will have you thinking you walked into an ocean of flowers. Sounds amazing, right? Gucci has been around forever and although they can be somewhat pricey, their fragrances are rather affordable and so worth it. Flora by Gucci to be exact speaks for itself, it's a combination of citrus, fresh and floral scents. If you have yet to notice, floral is running thangs this summer.
When shopping for summer scents always go for the scents that are subtle, yet feminine. Ask for sample, some fragrance shops are nice enough to let you try before you buy. If you happen to fall in love, you know what you have to do -- break out the bank card and get to spraying.
Fragrance Price List:
Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf 1 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray ($80.00) @ Sephora
Flora by Gucci 1.6 oz. Eau de Parfum ($92.00) @ Macy's
Fleur de Portofino by Tom Ford 1.7 oz. Eau de Parfum ($215.00) @ Neiman Marcus
Have you tried Philosophy's 'Field of Flowers?' I just saw it at Sephora and it smells sooo refreshing!
I love philosphy's lotions, but I've never smelled their fragrances. def going to check that out this weekend. thanks for filling me in! :) @sophiamor the name alone sounds amazing.