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Frank Underwood is arguably television's (well Netflix's) baddest anti-hero, but what advice can he offer to us about our lives? Find out below.

1. It may seem like common sense to you, but most of the time it's not.

There's an old adage that says, "there is no common sense" and it might be right. Never underestimate you own knowledge and your own skills, they are important. They make you hire-able and marketable in your field. Hold yourself to the right standard, and appreciate the work you've done.

2. It's not cool to be cocky.

You can be confident and self-assured but in the workplace and in life, someone who is arrogant will not get anything done. Though Frank is neither cocky nor arrogant in public, his dark intentions are still visible. Wouldn't recommend that either, but you know what I'm saying. Don't be a jerk and good things will come to you.

3. Whatever you do, do it with the intention of succeeding.

Although extreme, here he tells us to devour our enemies and live with our power. on our sleeves. No matter what your profession, when you enter the workplace or a meeting you should have success on the mind. People who doubt you are useless, and Frank knows there's no better feeling than waving to your doubters from the top.

4. We often over think things.

We make easy decisions hard by doubting ourselves. Things can be easier if we have faith and trust our instincts. Sometimes all we need to succeed is to say yes. So do it more often!

5. We must have more faith in ourselves.

I am guilty of yielding to people too easily sometimes, and every time it has come back to bite me. We must stand our ground. When things get in our way we must deal with them head on rather than running away.

6. You will not get anywhere without standing up for yourself.

Frank is the number one proponent for self-actualization. He knows who he is, what he wants, and how far he will go to get it .While most of us aren't trying to claw our way to a presidency, we all have something we want in life. At work and at home when people try to take our power away we must stand up and do for ourselves. We mustn't let the Zebras in our lives take us over.

7. When things are going well for us we can't lean back and enjoy it. We must always be on our toes.

Frank taught us that when we reach the top there is no more dangerous place. When we're killing it at work, or working well with a significant other we must continue to do so or things will fall apart. The higher up you go, the more people will be vying for your position, the more people will be jealous of your success. Once you reach a comfortable place, throw yourself out of it, because that's the only way to live fully.

8. No matter how we feel we can't always show it.

Frank is diplomatic with those he disagrees with and finds other ways to best them. While extreme, Frank teaches us that if you don't have anything nice to say...just work harder.

9. Get creative. Change things.

When things get hard or things get complacent that is the perfect time for new ideas. Don't bow down to the way things are, work toward the way things should be. You'll be bettering others and along the way you'll better yourself.

10. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were you.

We have to give ourselves time to develop and change. We have to give ourselves respect. We have to honor our accomplishments and put the steps into place to succeed in the future. Frank didn't reach the presidency by sitting on his ass. He went out and got it. You can get what you want too.
Love the show and love the quotes
@QueenWitch I wrote a card about Claire a while ago! I honestly think she's the best character in the series. Fantastic acting and absolutely perfect portrayal by Robin Wright. Season 4 is her season!
@TessStevens just started watching it. He is lose without his wife. I really love her character.
@QueenWitch thank you! Have you started watching the 4th season yet!?