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Shout out to all the Night Owls who have had to withstand societies ridicule of being lazy, unsuccessful or just plain weird. Your time to bask in that beautiful moonlit spotlight has come. About time am I right?
Recent studies explained by Vivian Giang show that while the early bird still gets whatever worm they think is worth waking up at 6am for, Night Owls are taking over the work force. No longer is it necessary to hunker down in a 9-5 office job. The advancement in technology has developed totally new job opportunities, along with very different work hours. Now a person doesn't even have to be in the office to get work done, let alone have to be there bight and early. Every night owls dream.
So now let me take a moment to praise and explain why we have become a society built for the Night Owl.
Studies have revealed that night owls are more creative. Since the nights are usually more quiet and distraction free it is much easier to throw oneself into work. This will lead to a more well thought out and complex projects than the early bird counterpart who might be distracted at the thought of a mid day lunch break.
Night Owls are also bigger risk takers. The days of the disciplined early bird corporation successes are over. We are now in the middle of the Entrepreneur Era, where risking taking is the only way to receive huge success. Their risk-taking crazy brain also helps them problem solve in different, unique and bigger ways.
And the best part… they have higher IQs! Children with higher IQ levels tend to become night owls over early birds. Their increased IQ leads them to develop better quality of work as the day (or I should say night)wears on, while the early bird will start getting tired towards the final stretch of work. Their larger IQ will lead to higher incomes and their increased alertness means they are always down for a drink at happy hour.
This research not only stripped the lazy stereotype away but also the weird vampire one as well. Everyone loves to party with a Night Owl. Keep rocking on till the light of day Night Owls. Your time has finally come!
Nooooo. I’m such a morning person. I will never amount to anything... ;)
Night owls :)
Awesome, I can finally justify being a night owl! Haha
DAMN RIGHT WE DO. Thank you for validating my horrible horrible decision to stay up until 3 AM for the past two nights.
so does that make me a genius!? OMG I have to inform the government
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