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Hi Guys~ I will do live recap when it airs on Mon&Tue! So follow me, and see the updated card :D ^.^ Just 10 minutes left to air ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let's start ! SJ is waiting for her wearing the wedding dress. TMH hurries up to meet them. When he sees TMH, SJ gets angry. TMH: I'm sorry but i just heard that you're here so i came here to celebrate your wedding. When SK stops him from getting angry, TMH deletes the VOD that IH sends to him. YJ, SK and TMH discuss about this happening. YJ: How could we delete the VOD? At that time, IH appears to the TMH's office. IH: If you want to delete it, then delete now ( throw her notebook having the VOD) YJ begs for her mercy. YJ: Please forgive me one, i will do my best.. IH: Forgive? Who forgives this? I will just justice the two girls who use men with the purpose of money. SK refutes her saying. SK:What is the difference between us? You also do the same business with me. You wanted to use the man by enlarging the business. In your case, it is called marriage of convenience and in my case, am I a girl who use the man with the purpose of money? Anyway you lose this game. Do you know why? You send the VOD by an anonymous source. You are afraid of concealing yourself to this game. If you really want to set the justice, you should have concealed yourself! IH: Huh..we are the same? Do you know the big difference between us? It doesn't change anything for me but in your case, you will lose everything. YJ gets disappointed about this and she thinks all these things are because of SK. But TMH says..he doesn't regret ....about your suggestion. TMH :When something wrong happens, call me whenever. SK's family reads the newspaper taking Loyal company news on but her father is not good enough. SJ's father visits SK's father. SJ's father asks a favor that if our family problems are solved, then would you allow my son? The mood is peaceful. SK's father calls SJ to meet. SJ's father calls SK to meet. Both of them runs into both of parents in the singing room. SK's father: Hey Cha husband ! Let's sing a song together. SJ's father opens his heart to SK. Father and son sing a song together ^.^ but...SK is still worried about her fault. In the car SJ's father: Tomorrow evening, what about eating dinner together with SK? SK's father supports her After arriving at home, TMH calls SK. TMH: Hey, SK. Is there something wrong? If something happens to you, please call me directly. My life depends on you. SK: Sorry..today i went to the singing room with SJ's father and SJ... TMH: Are you crying now? SK: No...if I cry now..i am a bad girl.... SK and YJ are in the cafe. SK: Tell me about SJ after you leave him... YJ: Why ? Do you want to leave him? SK: No...never... YJ: There is his friend named Ha dong euk. He knows it well. YJ visits her husband's office. She is about to tell the truth to him but suddenly IH comes to there. She calls YJ to the outside. IH: You're so arrogant, Are you going to tell the truth? Who allows this? and she tells something. Her husband asks that what happens to you? YJ decides to tell the truth but she can't... IH visits SJ's father. IH: There is something to show you... IH shows him the VOD including that SK approaches him with the purpose of money. SJ's father: Thank you. IH: No thanks. we are the business partner. SJ's father: I have a favor..cover up this...SJ is different from me. He can't overcome this..as a business parter, please cover up this. SJ's father talks to himself : What a poor guy... SJ, SK and SJ's father eat dinner together. SJ's father and SK, there are just two in SJ's room when he was young. SJ's father : He suffered from lack of love. The doctor says that keep eye contact with him everyday. Are you sure to keep it? Are you sure to love him forever? Are you sure to hide the secret forever? IH visited me a while ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! SJ's father gets angry to SK. But SK promises to live burdening this crime..i will do my best TMH and SK. SK: If I do best, then all is well... TMH: Do you want to go Paris even now? I will pay for it. Now, i will have responsibility for all... SK: Are you afraid? There is nothing after the fail. TMH ....at first..i am thinking about after the fail...he talks to himself. SJ's father feels sorry for SJ. SJ's father : I'm sorry...for all the thing including your mother.. After hearing this, SJ texts a message for SK with his picture. IH still cannot understand how could he say this. HDE, SJ's friend meets SK. SK: Would you want to tell me about his past that when he was in Paris? IH goes to the Loyal company instead of her brother. TMH and YJ worried that we miss the one thing...IH is a woman..we seems to be fail... IH shows the VOD to SJ... On the other hand, HDE says to SK. HDE: He didn't accept the reality...if he accpets this, he can't stand anymore.... SJ: What is this? There are two people looking similar that I know. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish...SJ knows the truth....ㅜnㅜ i will post the preview with VOD until tomorrow !!! Shortly..SK wants to tell the truth before the marriage.. but when she is about to tell, SJ's face suddenly changes.. See you tomorrow guys~
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Omo! today I forgot LIVE streaming! lol thanks for recap, after I remind today is CDD airing so I come here immediently haha.. ^^